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Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox Character Songs Feat μ’s (Love Live!) – A Self Opinion Review

Just checked this blog, and I realized that the last time I posted new entry was on February, 5th. Which means I’ve abandoned this blog for more than 4 months…  That’s quite long, eh?

To tell the truth actually I was enjoying my holiday in my hometown for a month back then in February and just got back in the beginning of March only to cope with incoming tight schedule. But, meh whatever… Enough with the ranting.


As you can see on the title, I’d like to post something, kinda like a review I think about the Character Songs of ‘Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox’ (Kamipara) or known as ‘God and Fate Revolution Paradox’ in English. It’s a game to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Nippon Ichi Software. The plot of the game tells about Renya Kagurazaka the game’s protagonist, who became a God after winning a lottery in a mall. Accompanied by seven angels, he must brings hope and fulfill people’s wishes. (duniaku.net) Since I’d like to post about the character songs instead, let’s skip this one.

At first I have no interest at all to the character songs since I rarely have any interest to games. The only thing that made me know about it was simply because some friends of mine kept talking about the character songs. after some times, I got to know that the character songs are actually sung by μ’s and decided to give it a try by copying the ripped version (“shame on you, myself!”) from my friend mainly because of Love Live! anime euphoria back then.

Looking at the Single title, I think there’re some attempt to attract Love Live! fans to buy this CD. I see what you did here Lantis… LOL, Just kidding. It’s only a joke… And yeah, here’s the tracklist:

  1. Kakumei Desune? Kamisama!
  2. Hane wa Shitte Shimattane?
  3. Senkou Resolution
  4. Kakumo Yuubi na Hi to Narite
  5. I’ll Smile For Yours
  6. Kodoku no Kairou
  7. Himitsu no Hanazono
  8. Kokode Matteruyo
  9. Yume Once Again

First of all, I’m quite surprised to see the tracklist. Why? Because from what I know there’re only eight main characters including the protagonist and his seven angels, which means there’re only five main heroines. It makes sense after looking for some info that it’s not only the main heroines who got character songs. But also an antagonist and some side character. Not bad actually in my opinion.

Keeping that thing aside, the character songs are really good and pretty well composed. everything in the character songs suit the interpretation of each character (based on the info I googled and some translation from the booklet thanks to a friend) very well.

And the plus is not only that. somehow managed to get the full translation for each character song lyrics through a help from a friend after several days of listening to the songs… and for those who had listened to the songs you probably have the same thing in mind with me. I did say that the songs are suit pretty well with each of the character in Kamipara. But not only that. Surprisingly the character songs indirectly suit μ’s members from Love Live! School Idol Project too. No wonder why the singer’s information in the song files are μ’s members’ name instead of their Voice Actresses like the usual. As for now, can’t stop listening to Senkou Resolution and Himitsu no Hanazono, each sung by Nitta Emi (Kousaka Honoka & Kurouiel VA) and Pile (Nishikino Maki & Koizuka Fullnetti VA)

This time, I gotta admit that Lantis really did a great job for the character songs. They not only suit for kamipara character, but surprisingly suit to μ’s members too. Despite that, nothing is perfect in this world. The same goes to this single. Although the songs are very well composed and suit each character, there’s a feeling that some of the songs are kinda served as complementary so that the total of the songs reach nine songs, ten if the first one which is sung together counted. And unlike the usual μ’s single, there’re no first press bonus included inside the single which is also a downside for me. Well, it’s not like that I’m complaining about bonus though… Anyway, Nice job for the songs!!! 9 out of 10 from me.

Front Cover

Front Cover

The CD

The CD

A preview of the Booklet

A preview of the Booklet

P.s. Yes, at the end I decided to get myself a copy of the original CD several days later… many thanks for the preview and the help, Fiq!


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