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Sablier (Part 2?)

“No matter how perfect your plan, at the end it isn’t yourself who’ll decide the outcome.”


3 months since the last time I posted new entry, and 6 months after I started to live away from my parents due to education reason. Which means I would have going back to spend my holiday at my home.

yes, ‘would have’… If it weren’t rain heavily 2 weeks ago, I would be at my hometown already. Imageand yeah, because of the flood, there was no class at all for a week which is the main culprit for ruining my plan… sigh… But well, at least I’ll get my holiday starting from the day after tomorrow so let’s just keep the rambling aside…

anyway, here’s some photo of Kona Matsuri held in SMA 7 Banjarmasin last week, the photo was kindly taken by a friend of mine for me because I simply couldn’t come because of the ruined plan orz…


ah, almost forgot… happy semester break for those who’ll having em… ;3


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