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‘Event Horizon’

Just took some free time surfing on internet, checking some news, email, etc… Until something bothering me when checking news feed at facebook. Well, not a serious problem, just an internal dispute between two-three people at a certain fanpage created by a friend. But whatever, let’s not discuss something like that here…

as I said before in previous post ( posted long long ago actually… ^^;a)  about rainmeter and rocketdock. I’d like to post my current desktop… Unlike the previous ones, which using a lot of Rainmeter skins, this one only use two rainmeter skins and a rocketdock icon because my pc crashed lot of times starting from a month ago for unknown reason. Probably because too many rainmeter skins I used for my previous desktop…

Well, at least the problem solved after I reduce the number of skins I use… Btw, here’s the screenshoot…

and for the details:

Wallpaper: K-ON! *sorry, I forgot the artist’s name*

Skins Used:

* Vertical bar: Vertibar by Dariosuper, modified

* Day, Date and Time: Monochromatic Redux’s 10 Foot HUD by Varelse42, also modified

Rocketdock icon: Houkago Tea Time Logo

As you can see, I also put the links for skins and wallpaper in case you like the wallpaper or skins so you can download it.

Credits to the picture’s artist and to the skins’s author.


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