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Sablier (Part 1)

A wise man once gave a question to his students.

“What’s the most precious thing in this world?”

His students answered him with different answers.

one said it’s gold…

another one said it’s money…

the other said it’s someone  that we love…

silver… fame… and many more…

The man only smiled after he heard all of his students’ answer.

Then, some words came out of his mouth…

It has been a while since the last time I posted something on this blog. Well, almost a year I think…

Surely, time flies so fast. It felt like it was just yesterday, the last time I logged into my wordpress account and checking this blog. Well, excuse my ramblings this time and please bear with it for a while ^^;a

A lot of thing happened since the last time I posted something here. The day when some problems turned worse in my previous college, The day when I finally resign from the study I took and the day when I decided to take another study in another city.

Yep, I currently living in another city right now. Far from my parents, far from friends, and far from the little town where I was born. At first, I thought it’s a good opportunity for me, trying to be independent. It’s true that it’s good for being independent since I’m not a kid anymore.  But honestly, i never thought that living independently from your parents could be this harsh at the first time, not to mention for someone whose entire life is never live separately from his own parents.

The first week was the worst. Got a serious fever somehow. Not to mention the homesick feeling.  It is not because there’s something I dislike or what. But maybe because of the sudden change.

Myself… who lives dependently to my parents, must live alone independently in a city which I don’t know well in a sudden.

Oops… Just realized that it’s 9 pm already… Enough ramblings for today. Need to do some assignment which due tomorrow *yea, I know I’m kinda look like a procrastinator. but meh, whatever…*. Will be continued some other time. See you later then…

“Yes… All of you’re right…”

His students smiled.

“But there’s still a thing that more precious than all of them.” the man continued.

“what is it, sir?” one of his student asked curiously.

The man went silent for a moment.

“the most precious thing in this world is…”

-to be continued-


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