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Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox Character Songs Feat μ’s (Love Live!) – A Self Opinion Review

Just checked this blog, and I realized that the last time I posted new entry was on February, 5th. Which means I’ve abandoned this blog for more than 4 months…  That’s quite long, eh?

To tell the truth actually I was enjoying my holiday in my hometown for a month back then in February and just got back in the beginning of March only to cope with incoming tight schedule. But, meh whatever… Enough with the ranting.

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Sablier (Part 2?)

“No matter how perfect your plan, at the end it isn’t yourself who’ll decide the outcome.”


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‘Event Horizon’

Just took some free time surfing on internet, checking some news, email, etc… Until something bothering me when checking news feed at facebook. Well, not a serious problem, just an internal dispute between two-three people at a certain fanpage created by a friend. But whatever, let’s not discuss something like that here…

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Sablier (Part 1)

A wise man once gave a question to his students.

“What’s the most precious thing in this world?”

His students answered him with different answers.

one said it’s gold…

another one said it’s money…

the other said it’s someone  that we love…

silver… fame… and many more…

The man only smiled after he heard all of his students’ answer.

Then, some words came out of his mouth…

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Yume Matsuri-November 13, 2011

Actually these pics was taken several weeks ago. I forgot to transfer it to my pc and found this in my pocket camera’s memory card while cleaning the storage space… Just sharing thought. lol ^^;a

Yume Matsuri is a Japanese culture event which held by one of Highschool Japanese clubs in my town. Once a month, every Japanese club from different highschool usually held an event like this around October until March. Of course since this kind of event is a regional event, it can’t be compared to such events like comiket or AFA *getting shot*.

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Desktop stuff

Just wanted to post something like this for this time…


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Not sure whether I must entitled this or not…

Hello~ With Forte04 here… nice to meet you…

Yeah… I knew that this blog was just made some minute ago and I’m sure that no one read this post yet beside me… lol. But at least I would like to give you a proper introduction. as I’ve said above, you can call me forte or other ID names I usually use at cyberspace *since I have no fixed ID name*.

As for any stuff beside my username… I’d like to keep it as private as possible… Sorry. But please bear with it… *shot*

Well… I think it’s long enough for a first introduction?